Friday, October 17, 2008

Intelligent design, chance, and tail wagging, what do they have in common?

How our universe and ourselves came to be, is a question asked since the dawn of human history, but is it really something that we could figure out?

Mankind has tried to come up with different answers, some of them are more logical then others, and each of them serve different needs in our day to day life.

For instance the intelligent design theory: it tries to apply reason and compare our existence to our own creation ability, typically when we encounter a somewhat complex object or mechanism, we will assume based on prior experience and knowledge that it was designed through intricate thought out processes.

The chance theory: appeals to those that need an explanation how this intelligence that was theoretically able to create our universe came about, since absent an explanation, we are at square one not understanding how we came to be.

Fable creation: serves those who choose to close their minds completely and believe in the ancient ways of thinking and explaining complex things.

A pretext to a theory is either a need to explain a phenomena, that will be able to predict a future occurrence, behavior, or an explanation on how it happens and how it could be reproduced.

In order for us to have the ability to know and understand any given subject, we might start out with theory, but it remains theory until it could be proven by being reproduced or experienced.

To date there is no method for reproducing or experiencing the creation of the universe and life, there is nothing within the boundaries of this universe that has that ability.

Therefore coming up with theories on how our universe and ourselves came to be, at this point is no more than fable, conjecture, and speculation, that has been tweaked to serve the need of the creator of theory.

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