Sunday, October 19, 2008

The media and dick Cheney

On first thought those two shouldn’t be lumped together in one sentence, the media reports news, and Cheney is a politician, but there is a common denominator, both seemingly follow the same motto “the end justifies the means”.

How else could we explain the following?

Following the Charlie Gibson interview with Sara Pailin, the media mocked her as inexperienced for asking “in what respect Charlie”, to the question what do you think of the bush doctrine, but the truth is there is no bush doctrine at least an official one proclaimed by bush as his doctrine, Bush has announced different policies throughout his presidency, which include; encouraging democracy around the world, to secure ourselves from countries that harbor or give aid to terrorist groups, among others. Non as his official doctrine, see this article regarding the supposed Bush Doctrine.

Throughout the first couple of weeks when Pailin was announced as McCains running mate the media came up with different lies for instance the New Yorker cover showing Pailin looking for Rusia through her window, when in fact she had said something totally different [see full interview here] to squash her growing popularity.

The difference between democracy and dictatorship is in part having a free press, a media that could report the truth to the people, and let the public decide the direction they want their government to take.

We don’t need, the media to decide for us, and assist us in making the right choice by lying to us, using the same moral underline as dick Cheney, who lied when he wanted to go to war, because he thought that the war is important, they are not better than us the people, the American people have the capacity to make the correct choice when presented with the truth.

What we do need, is a media that will report the truth, in this case tell us what are the policies of those who want to be elected as our leaders, the American people have the right to choose the candidate whose policies they approve of most, we need politicians that tell us the truth about the dangers lurking on our country, and let the American people decide if its worth going to war.

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